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Discreetly Yours
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 8 reviews
by Henderson, Nevada on Discreetly Yours
I loved it.

Discreetly Yours by Stephen Murray is a read that will keep you on the edge of your seat

.Characters living in a hard and controversial profession with hopes, dreams and families. Each one facing a wrath designed especially for them from the same horrible boss. How will they survive, and will they do the deed? Should they and if they do, should they get away with it?

Another hit story by Stephen Murray. I loved it!

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Discreetly Yours
Compelling & Fast-Paced Suspense

Author Stephen Murray has again given his readers a compelling tale - this time about the fast-paced lives of three female escorts in Las Vegas. Murray's fourth novel, Discreetly Yours, highlights the allure of well-paying clients for these hard-working women: Satin, Ruby and Goldie. It also details manager Frankie's increasing greed, abuse and control over their livelihood. Murray heightens the suspense as the trio, seemingly powerless in the face of Frankie's control, come to realize they are more powerful than they dared imagine. When they hatch a drastic scheme to deal with Frankie, Murray leaves the reader to resolve any moral question of whether to root for these determined ladies or not.

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Discreetly Yours
An Intriguing Read

Discreetly Yours is a great read. It has lots of twists and turns that will keep the reader on their toes. Goldie, Ruby and Satin are well developed, and Murray keeps you on the edge of your seat as to whether in the end the girls will pay the price of wanting a better life.

by Kwazulu Natal, South Africa on Discreetly Yours
A brilliant piece of work.

I have really enjoyed this book, and I got so caught up in the whole plot and story, that I didn't want to put it down. I reached for the book and wanted to read more. Brilliant piece of work Stephen.  Please,  please write a follow-up.

by Las Vegas, Nevada. on Discreetly Yours
A Real Thriller

Discreetly Yours, by Stephen Murray is a must read for anyone who loves a great mystery story. The storyline was exciting! It was a real thriller!!

by Napa, California on Discreetly Yours
A fun read

Discreetly Yours was a very fun read. I was in Las Vegas staying at the Bellagio when I started reading Discreetly Yours. So it was a perfect time to read this book. The characters and the storyline kept me wanting more. The book takes several twists and turns, and I wanted to read to the end quickly to find out what happened. I will be watching for future books by Stephen Murray.

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Discreetly Yours
Fast paced thriller

Discreetly Yours, by Stephen Murray is an absolute page turner. It has been a long time since I picked up a book that was so good that I couldn’t put it down until I read the entire story. Wonderful, colorful, characters were so real that I could see them vividly as I read this amazing, fast paced thriller set in Las Vegas. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries and enjoys a great storyline!

by Las Vegas, Nevada on Discreetly Yours

I just finished reading Stephen Murray’s latest novel, Discreetly Yours. Stephen never disappoints! I was intrigued with the subject matter, and as a Las Vegas resident, was gratified to know all but one of the locations mentioned. I do plan on seeking out the little hideaway in Henderson, NV for a steak and cocktail! Thank you Stephen for an enjoyable two days! Only the lateness of the day and drooping eyelids kept me from completing the read on the first day! In my opinion – there are many types of justice. This is a “just dessert”!