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Discreetly Yours
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 by Boulder City, Nevada
Great read!

Love the strong, smart women characters! I couldn't put the book down so read it in a day. Grabbed me from the first page and loved the vivid descriptions that allowed me to "see" and feel the places and people.

 by North Las Vegas, Nevada.
It speaks to the reader's soul

I purchased Discreetly Yours and knew I was going to enjoy the book. But I must say, it exceeded my expectations. I discovered the author's imagination was not only awesome, but that he is very gifted in brilliantly transferring that same imagination into a story.

It comes alive and speaks to the reader's soul.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a fan for sure, and plan on purchasing all of his books.

 by Henderson, Nevada
Friendship, Honeys & Murder

Satin, Ruby, and Goldie, are best friends and co-workers at a high priced escort service. Satisfying some of the most prominent men in Las Vegas, they're the A-team for their boss, Frankie, a brutal and abusive man.

I found this story to be a quick read full of wit, charm, and yes...murder. The bond between the women gives them the strength they need to overcome their abusive situation and take control of their own lives. It's how they do it that will keep you reading and rooting for these women. A series of twists and turns makes this story a page turner that I couldn't put down.

This is the third book I've read from this author and I hope there will be more to come!

 by Henderson, Nevada
Entertaining and Remarkable

A creative and compelling story, with many surprising twists along the way, without stretching credulity beyond reasonable limits. This book has interesting characters, fast-paced action, and a clever, well-designed plot, which turns into a courtroom drama. With an emphasis on dialogue, Discreetly Yours may be especially appealing to readers who enjoy plays, since this could be readily adapted to a stage presentation.

 by Arizona
Page turning thrill ride

I’ve loved all of Stephen Murray's books. So easy to follow and easy reading. Even though I knew who did it, the details of just how they managed it were surprising.

 by California
Discreetly Yours

I enjoyed reading this book tremendously. I found it to be very well written. The twists and turns kept my attention right until the end. Well done!!

 by Rochester, New York
The solution the ladies come up with? Murder good ol’ Frankie.

I do love the cover and title of the book. To me, Discreetly Yours has a triple meaning here. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. The three main characters all have their own distinct personalities. The A team, as they refer to themselves, are three very close friends and “Co-workers.”

Satin, Ruby and Goldie, are not their real names, but their “professional” working names. These three ladies, these pros, if you will, have a problem. What do you do when you have a problem? Of course, you find a solution so said problem is no more.

The problem? Well, that would be Frankie, their “manager” - a loud, abusive and very much a bully of a man.

Discreetly Yours is not a whodunit because we already know who did it. It is, however, a very well-written thriller mystery type. The beauty of the book is how author Stephen Murray puts the story together. It’s like the breaking bad scenario that has you rooting for the one who did the deed. The trio of women are the ones you want to succeed here. The planning they go through, building the alibis. It is just a plain, fun read. The three friends are certainly not bimbo types. These are three smart and determined, if not a little devious, women who know what they want and how to get it. When they get together and pull out the wigs -watch out. Satin has it all under control. She knows a lot of people’s secrets and not afraid to use them.

If you have not yet guessed it, Satin, Ruby and Goldie are very high-priced Las Vegas call girls. That’s right, ladies of the evening! The top of the line one might say.
Don’t be fooled about the content. Although the business of these ladies is sex, there is absolutely no sex – just a good, clean, harmless MURDER!!! Will they get away with it?

 by Henderson, Nevada
Wait for that Surprise Ending

Discreetly Yours is a mystery, fun, and yet keeps you in suspense.

From the first page I learned who these three women were, how clever they had to be, and followed their plan to freedom.

You feel for Goldie, Ruby, and Satin, three escorts, because Stephen gave them a heart, and you cheer them on.

Keep a drink and a snack nearby – you won’t be putting this book down until you reach the surprising climax. I know because I finished Discreetly Yours in one sitting.


 by Melbourne, Florida
Couldn't Put It Down

Once I picked up Discreetly Yours I literally binge-read this book 6 hours straight. It is a wonderfully written book by my friend ,Stephen Murray. The three characters were my heroines.I should say they took themselves out of a very dangerous situation. This is a terrific novel. I can't wait for  others to come.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Kept Me Up All Night

From the moment that I read the first line in Chapter 1, I knew that I couldn't put Discreetly Yours by Stephen Murray down until I finished the entire book, even if it took all night. He does a great job of bringing his characters to life, making the reader want to know more about how three female escorts - Satin, Ruby and Goldie, will combine their resources to accomplish their goal. The book was an easy read, thoroughly enjoyable, and a model for novice writers. I can't wait to add his next book to my collection of mysteries.

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