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Discreetly Yours
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 by Rochester, New York
The solution the ladies come up with? Murder good ol’ Frankie.

I do love the cover and title of the book. To me, Discreetly Yours has a triple meaning here. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. The three main characters all have their own distinct personalities. The A team, as they refer to themselves, are three very close friends and “Co-workers.”

Satin, Ruby and Goldie, are not their real names, but their “professional” working names. These three ladies, these pros, if you will, have a problem. What do you do when you have a problem? Of course, you find a solution so said problem is no more.

The problem? Well, that would be Frankie, their “manager” - a loud, abusive and very much a bully of a man.

Discreetly Yours is not a whodunit because we already know who did it. It is, however, a very well-written thriller mystery type. The beauty of the book is how author Stephen Murray puts the story together. It’s like the breaking bad scenario that has you rooting for the one who did the deed. The trio of women are the ones you want to succeed here. The planning they go through, building the alibis. It is just a plain, fun read. The three friends are certainly not bimbo types. These are three smart and determined, if not a little devious, women who know what they want and how to get it. When they get together and pull out the wigs -watch out. Satin has it all under control. She knows a lot of people’s secrets and not afraid to use them.

If you have not yet guessed it, Satin, Ruby and Goldie are very high-priced Las Vegas call girls. That’s right, ladies of the evening! The top of the line one might say.
Don’t be fooled about the content. Although the business of these ladies is sex, there is absolutely no sex – just a good, clean, harmless MURDER!!! Will they get away with it?

 by Henderson, Nevada
Wait for that Surprise Ending

Discreetly Yours is a mystery, fun, and yet keeps you in suspense.

From the first page I learned who these three women were, how clever they had to be, and followed their plan to freedom.

You feel for Goldie, Ruby, and Satin, three escorts, because Stephen gave them a heart, and you cheer them on.

Keep a drink and a snack nearby – you won’t be putting this book down until you reach the surprising climax. I know because I finished Discreetly Yours in one sitting.


 by Melbourne, Florida
Couldn't Put It Down

Once I picked up Discreetly Yours I literally binge-read this book 6 hours straight. It is a wonderfully written book by my friend ,Stephen Murray. The three characters were my heroines.I should say they took themselves out of a very dangerous situation. This is a terrific novel. I can't wait for  others to come.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Kept Me Up All Night

From the moment that I read the first line in Chapter 1, I knew that I couldn't put Discreetly Yours by Stephen Murray down until I finished the entire book, even if it took all night. He does a great job of bringing his characters to life, making the reader want to know more about how three female escorts - Satin, Ruby and Goldie, will combine their resources to accomplish their goal. The book was an easy read, thoroughly enjoyable, and a model for novice writers. I can't wait to add his next book to my collection of mysteries.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Deliciously Naughty Trio

Any one, or all, of the deliciously naughty trio of Satin, Ruby and Goldie can be Discreetly Yours for an hour, a night or a week depending on the amount of time you desire and the size of your bank account. Yes, these classy ladies are experts in the world’s oldest profession under the cruel management of Frankie, a man who in everyone’s estimation does not deserve to live another day, let alone draw another breath. The ladies dream of operating an agency that treats their employees with the respect they deserve but there's only one way to do it, get rid of Frankie. For good.

Stephen Murray skillfully draws the reader in with his subtle character development and unexpected plot twists as these delightful women make plans to permanently dispose of the unsavory Frankie, ultimately creating the most charming novel I’ve read in a long time. I was rooting for them to get away with murder but I cannot ruin the suspense for others! Find out for yourself by reading Discreetly Yours, an intriguing, enchanting and delightful read from front to back, heartily recommended by this reader.

 by Henderson, Nevada.
Discreetly Yours

Loved this book, and I'm not sure why... because I live in the Vegas area? Or because it was a page turner. Every time I got to the end of a chapter, I found myself just wanting to read ONE MORE chapter!

 by Scottsdale, Arizona
A fabulous story by a master storyteller

Stephen Murray is a master storyteller and his ability to write from a women’s perspective is remarkable. I loved the three women, Satin, Ruby and Goldie. Strong, determined, and smart as they come, these three prove it’s not what you know but who you know, and sometimes it’s the combination of both. The murder of a cruel pimp is the centerpiece of the story, but it’s the relationship between the three women that keeps you turning the pages. There are no romantic entanglements, no sex, just a darn good story that will keep you going till the very end. Another fabulous book by a very talented author.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Excellent Read

I am not a big reader, but I picked up Discreetly Yours and could not put it down. I really liked how Stephen used local locations in Las Vegas. I am a local and could picture exactly where he was talking about. It is a clever story and a great escape from the turbulent world we found ourselves in. Looking forward to more great books from this talented author.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
Page Turner!

Discreetly Yours by Stephen Murray is a page turner. I was immediately caught up in the lives of these three women who were each honest and complex characters. We all love to hate the antagonist in a story and boy did I despise Frankie! He deserved what he got, and I was cheering these girls on throughout the story, knowing they were all involved in a scandalous crime. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop until you find out where all the twists and turns take you, to the very last page.

 by Las Vegas, Nevada
This book was real fun.

Discreetly Yours keeps you turning pages as fast as you can read. Each character, Ruby, Satin, and Goldie bring fresh twists and new surprises. Did they get away with murder? Did the victim deserve what he got? Only you, the reader will answer these questions.

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